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New Bootcamp Testimonials

Kim Before 1 KimAfter
MARK LEWIS BOOTCAMP’S ARE AWESOME! 😀😀 I cant believe after years of fad dieting I’ve actually found something that works!
Going to Marks bootcamp sessions twice a week have given me the incentive to eat less & exercise more!<br>18 months gone, almost 2 stone gone & feel so much fitter & better in myself!
Gruelling sessions at 6am, twice a week have definitely paid off!
Although it is very hard work & Mark does push you to your limits, he also encourages you & praises well when earned!
A great group of friends who are willing to support each other & also have a lot of laughs with!!!
#hardworkpaysoff #yougetoutwhatyouputin!
Clare Salter reviewed Lewis Personal Training – 5 star
 I would thoroughly recommend Mark’s bootcamp – he pushes you to work hard in a supportive and encouraging manner and the group is friendly and motivating. It has helped increase fitness and stamina in a short space of time.
 Suzy Sanders reviewed Lewis Personal Training – 5 star
Dear Mark, I recommended your Bootcamp to both my husband and brother recently and I wanted to write to thank you . They both have different levels of fitness, but they both said how much they enjoyed the variety, atmosphere and challenge of your classes. Your dedication, passion and enthusiasm is clear to see and I would not hesitate in recommending you to any of my friends and family again!
February 16, 2018 | News | Comments Off on New Bootcamp Testimonials