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Laura 1 to 5 months
As a 34 year old mother of two, I started going to Mark’s Bootcamp sessions once a week but after a while felt that I needed something more to get to where I wanted to be, which was a fitter healthier version of me. I knew that to achieve this I would need direction and support, which Mark has given in abundance. Each session is tailored to my progression and Mark brings with him a wealth of knowledge around fitness and nutrition. The 1st session began with a weigh in, taking measurements and really talking about what I wanted and how he could help and the following 3 months focused on weight loss by doing sets of bodyweight exercises. In those 3 months I lost a total of 47.5 cm across my body measurements and 6.9kg in weight. I am now in month 5 and the training is now focused on strength and conditioning workouts to tone y body, along with with the change of workouts Mark has again given me nutritional guidance to ensure that I am focussing on the whole picture to get the best results and by doing so I have gained 4.1kg of lean muscle mass.
I have tried loads of fad diets and workouts in the past, but working with Mark has been very different. By working closely together, I can now incorporate my fitness and nutritional needs into my family life and so it is manageable and sustainable.
I am amazed a the results we have achieved in 5 months and look forward to our sessions. His friendly, can do attitude gets you through the workouts and he is always there at the end of the phone in between sessions for advice.
If you have a goal to achieve and need guidance and support , then Mark is your man!

February 4, 2021 | News | Comments Off on Testimonial