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Laura 1 to 5 months
As a 34 year old mother of two, I started to got to Mark’s Bootcamp sessions once a week but after a while felt that I needed something more to get where I wanted to be , which was a fitter , healthier version of me. I knew that to achieve this I would need direction and support, which Mark has given in abundance. Each session is tailored to my progression and Mark brings with him a wealth of knowledge around fitness and nutrition. The first session began with a weigh in , taking measurements and really talking about what I wanted and how he could help and the following 3 months focused on weight loss by doing sets of bodyweight exercises. In those 3 months I lost a total 47.5 cm across my body measurements and 6.9kg in weight (15 pounds). I am now in my 5th month and the training is now focused on strength and conditioning workouts to tone my body, along with the change of workout Mark has again given me nutritional guidance to ensure that I am focussing on the whole picture to get the best results and by doing so I have gained 4.1 kg (9 pounds) of lean muscle mass.
I have tried all sorts of fad diets and workouts in the past, but working with Mark has been very different. By working closely together, I can now incorporate my fitness and nutritional needs into my family life and so it is both manageable and sustainable.
I am amazed at the results we have achieved in 5 months and look forward to our sessions . His friendly, can do attitude gets you through the workouts and he si always there at the end of a phone in between sessions for advice .
If you have a goal to achieve and need guidance and support then Mark is your man!

Linda Cottingham 7

Linda Cottingham said she was with Lewis Personal Training: feeling fantastic.
Linda wrote: “Wow another brilliant PT running session with Mark this morning – I think those were probably the fastest (and hardest) 4 miles I have ever done!Really struggled towards the end but thank you for encouraging me and really pushing me.
I won’t say thank you for the steps session at the end – that was just mean ha ha 😁😁



Thank you Mark as you have not only managed to get me in my wedding dress, you have also got me into my first ever bikini for my honeymoon!
You established the perfect way to motivate me and keep me motivated.
For me, the Bootcamp, military approach doesn’t work as I just revert back to being a stroppy teenager and rebel against it. You very quickly realised this and adapted your training approach.
In the time I have been training with you I have fallen of the wagon many times, as I have done throughout my life of fad diets, the difference now is that when I fall off for day or two, maybe a week instead of years like before.
You have given me the skills and motivation I need to get straight back to my new healthy lifestyle if (when) I fall of in the future, even without a wedding to work towards. Thanks Mark I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others!
Mischa Furfaro

Linda Cottingham 2

Linda Cottingham 1

Linda Cottingham 6

When I started training with Lewis Personal Training in September 2015.
I had problems with my right arm/elbow/shoulder which the doctors thought was RSI or early stages of arthritis which meant I was in pain and had a strapping on my arm most of the time.
3 months on I am virtually pain free and rarely have to wear the arm support and I’m sure this id down to all the upper body strength training we do in the bootcamp sessions!
Thank you so much.
Linda Cottingham

Pretty  Tough 16 no103


I started Mark’s Boot camp in August 2014, intending to ‘try it out and see what it was like’, as approaching 50 years old, I honestly thought I was to old to join a club like this. How wrong could I have been!
There were all ages of people there, all different levels and each person worked at there own ability. Mark’s positive attitude has made me achieve so much in the last year. I can now do sit ups, squats, press ups, burpees, lunges and the plank which I struggled to do when I first started. I have ran 2 half marathons and have completed a number of OCR races throughout the year. The best one being Pretty Tough 10K with the other members of Bootcamp.
My Body has toned up and I have dropped 2 dress sizes and brought my first ever size 10 jeans whilst making some lovely friends, enjoying every minute. Thanks Mark
Caroline Owers



I am a 46 year old business women working long hours spending a lot of my time travelling on the road. I found I was always tired and at the end of a busy day with no motivation other than to eat, sleep repeat. I needed to change the way I was living , get some energy, feel fitter, healthier and happier, I joined a running club and combined this with Bootcamp twice a week. Its not just about exercise, fitness and health are important but also the social aspect is important too. I meet with people at all levels of fitness and the sessions are varied, fun and we always have a good laugh and there is time to catch up with friends.
My new energy levels have really increased and the balance between the two different types exercise really works for me. I have increased my core body strength which has improved my running and I have toned up and lost stone in weight. The scheduled days with Bootcamp are really motivating, it is easy to put any type of training off when you are training alone to another day. I also feel safer and happier training with a good group of people/friends.
I can honestly say I am healthier, happier and I can highly recommend Lewis Personal Training Bootcamps.
Keren Irving



Dear Mark,
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and support in my weight loss and fitness programme. With a bad back and a wedding in the planning I so wanted to be pain free, fitter and leaner.
You adapted your personal training to ensure that I got the most out of my training, free of back pain. I know I have not been the easiest client but you have worked around everything and helped me achieve a pain free, fitter and leaner look.
I set myself a goal weight for my wedding and on the day I was a couple of pounds less than the goal having lost 2 stone and so many centimetres I lost count but all over about 45. I did not have to squeeze into the wedding dress in fact it had to be taken in to be squeezed around me!! It’s not been an easy journey but with your continued support and encouragement we’ve done it.
I do not want to go back to the before and will continue to maintain the journey with your continued support.
Many thanks Mark you helped make my wedding day fantastic!!
Bev Brazier – now Mrs Garnett


A sincere thank you to Mark Lewis….
Back in June 2013, I decided I really needed to take some positive steps to improve my own well being. I had piled on the weight, was extremely stressed and had completely lost my self confidence. With my wedding planned for February 2014, I felt like the clock was ticking and the thought of walking down the aisle feeling like that absolutely terrified me.

From that moment I attended my first boot camp session, I could see how passionate Mark is about helping people. I love boot camp sessions as every one is different and I am never sure what Mark will have us doing next. I have never been self motivated in a gym and I now realise that is because I was missing Mark’s encouragement and support to spur me on.

As I started to feel fitter, Mark also gave me advice about my nutrition. I soon realised I had been eating all the wrong things! Suddenly I felt more energised, dropped 2 dress sizes and was happier than I had been in a long time.

When it came to the wedding in February, I felt amazing and full of confidence. By this point I had lost over 2 stone and a whole metre in body measurements. As for the terrifying walk down the aisle, I didn’t walk… I sprinted! Lyanne Baker

After a good few years of irregular exercise and a general lack of enthusiasm for the gym, I tried out a couple of boot camp classes with Mark. I enjoyed them so much I started personal training with Mark as well. The great thing about both the personal and the Boot Camp sessions is how fun they are. Mark doesn’t do pretentious, intimidating fitness training. He’s fun, friendly and encouraging. I’ve felt fitter, happier and more positive as a result of my training. And it goes without saying I feel more toned and trimmer as a result. Kim

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help over the last few months. I initially approached you, as earlier this year I had severe back pain and had to take several weeks off work. My aims were to get fit, improve my back strength and lose a bit of weight. I’ve been having personal training sessions and coming along to your Boot Camps for about 3 months now. I have lost 1½ stone and a total of 26cm and I’ve had a great laugh in the process! I feel 10 years younger and haven’t had any problems with my back since coming to see you. It’s taken dedication but you’ve kept me motivated and on track. Thanks again – I can’t recommend you highly enough! Bev Brazier

LEWIS PERSONAL TRAINING- 1 WORD = FAB! In the year that I have been training with Mark, he has adopted two fitting names…GI LEWY and Mr Motivator. His Boot Camp session that run 3 times a week, cater for all levels of fitness. Every session is planned in advance, so much so that I have yet to attend an identical session with or without equipment. Every Boot camp session is fun, challenging and entertaining. From beginners through to the more experienced, Mark always welcomes, encourages, motivates, praises and takes time for everyone. Not only has he developed a group of people that enjoy exercise but friendship too. Along side Boot Camp, Mark offers a running group that anyone can come along to for free on a Saturday morning where we all decide a route and distance and contributes towards extra training for events. When it comes to personal training sessions, Mark will start with an induction to find out your needs and goals as well as offering nutritional advice, which hen help him adapt a programme to help you achieve your goals. Mark is 100% committed to everything and everyone involved in his training, his passion, motivation, and knowledge for the fitness industry is fantastic and this shows in everything he does SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Jo Cayton

When I 1st met Mark, I made a judgement to myself about what I thought a personal trainer could do for me which really was a bit arrogant and I never, ever dreamed I might feel fit enough to unconsciously start running to the car or want to do any exercise other than cycling. I have always liked the outdoors but exercising in the gym usually makes me bored and demotivated but I defy anyone to not be interested in exercise after a session with Mark. After 2 hip replacements in 2012, I decided to set myself a goal of cycling the London to Paris green route within a year-primarily to celebrate my new hips and test their metal but also to aid my recovery. When Mark Lewis 1st started working with me 4 months ago aerobically and mentally I would not have finished the ride.His style of exercising works for me-varied and creatively making use of whatever facilities are available, together with his extensive knowledge of exercises means I have never reached the boredom threshold during a session. Together  with great empathy yet hard discipline the sessions are completed efficiently and professionally but with no slacking. With Mark’s knowledge and determination to push me but only to a safe level, he massively increased my confidence and installed a “Yes you can” attitude- he calls PMA- Positive Mental Attitude.Mark and I now work closely together within our fields of expertise. He is now seeing clients requiring additional core strengthening to maintain their new alignment and I have every confidence in his abilities to achieve great things with my clients-not just because of his expertise and knowledge but he is a nice guy to boot! There is only one personal trainer in Northampton as far as I am concerned, Mark of Lewis Personal Training-thanks for your dedication care and coaching Mark. Kind Regards, Jo Chapple @ Amatsu Clinic.