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1Personal Training sessions are designed so that they are both enjoyable as well as rewarding in terms of individual’s goals with a  well-being evaluation and consultation including weight, BMI and body fat percentages. This enables any medical or health restrictions being recognised so clients can achieve their goals safely.


When training alone, boredom and bad exercise technique can often lead to lack of results. My sessions will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction using my motivational and passion in helping clients to achieve their personal fitness goals whether you are looking to lose weight or train for specific event.


Each personal training session lasts approximately 55 minutes.

Packages available from single sessions to 6 month packages to fit all your fitness goals.


Why use a personal trainer?

  • You’re not seeing results from current exercise routine
  • You get bored with the same old workouts
  • You need to be challenged
  • You want to work out at home, office or local park
  • You want support and supervision during workouts
  • You want to learn how to exercise alone
  • You need accountability and motivation
  • You want to train for a specific event

Train with a smile and win by a mile at Lewis Personal Training.